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Your can see the higher quality of the BBG product by yourself!
Quality on show: 200% more beautiful doors.
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Comparision of BBG residential doors with all the other competitive brands.
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Quality is Weight: heavy and robust materials last a long time.
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BBG and the relationship with the Conformité Européene
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BBG has always been synonymous with quality Sectional Doors

The company was born after joining people from different technical backgrounds, commercially and administratively operative from the early 90’s, uniting experience, passion and creativity.
In 2002, a Company of great aspiration was born, a Company which is a cornerstone for residential sectional doors, without neglecting the industrial sector and the assistance part.
Our aim is the total satisfaction of our client and the professional satisfaction of our collaborators.
Our teams invest in technology and research to give you a product of maximum quality, time resistance and with state of the art installation. From the moment the project has been delivered to the last BBG assistance. We are always at your side. For your and our peace of mind.
Ceam Group is the solution for companies that combines the experience and expertise of three companies already present and active in the market: BBG, Technofire specializes in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of fire doors and CeamGroup leader in chief of maintenance of fire extinguishers and systems to prevent fires.
Ethics and Enviroment
Producing doors in Italy means direct confrontation with a demanding market, which requires the maximum attention to detail, for safety devices and in personalization. Production in our country means breathing in an air of good taste and design. Manufacturing in Italy makes us very proud.
Because we are deeply attached to our territory, it is inevitable to try and create compatibility between our productivity and the environment which surrounds us, while also creating a healthy workplace. Becoming one with the surrounding environment, being receptive to our collaborators, utilizing energy – efficient practices, optimizing usage of waste, monitoring delivery for fuel saving are indispensible ways to grow as a company, trying to live an enhanced present and to guarantee a better future for all generations.
For whatever certification information regarding our doors, please contact our Technical Office and they will provide you with the answers and required documentation you need.
Our strong link with the territory has allowed BBG to develop and support projects to support the reality Valchiavenna. We are proud sponsors of the Under 14 team and we have supported various local cultural and social projects.