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Quality on show: 200% more beautiful doors.
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Quality is Weight: heavy and robust materials last a long time.
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BBG has always been synonymous with quality Sectional Doors

BBG is the initial of Balatti, Battistessa and Giacomini, to show how strong the bond of the founding members is in everyday business life.
In 2002, after years of individual experience in the sector, he decided to start the garage and industrial doors production company in Northern Italy, 15 km from the Swiss border.
Every single BBG door is distinguished from the other by its strong personalization, and all of them maintain the same high quality production standard. Innovation, durability, transport with own means and after-sales assistance are constant and indispensable elements of the work activity.
To achieve these results, all BBG employees and collaborators are actively involved in all phases of the company and suppliers are also chosen based on their quality and reliability over time.
Commercially, BBG can count on a branched presence throughout Italy and in neighboring Switzerland, counting on a growing network of agents and retailers, who recognize themselves in the company for the strong bond of belonging.

The production of the doors, both residential and industrial, is carried out in the two plants in Gordona (SO).
The result of scrupulous internal design, most of the door components are built in the company, starting from the raw materials, allowing a careful quality control of the processes. For its own doors, BBG also takes advantage of selected external suppliers: the panels are produced in Switzerland and the automations are German or Italian.
Ethics and Enviroment
Producing doors in Italy means direct confrontation with a demanding market, which requires the maximum attention to detail, for safety devices and in personalization. Production in our country means breathing in an air of good taste and design. Manufacturing in Italy makes us very proud.
Because we are deeply attached to our territory, it is inevitable to try and create compatibility between our productivity and the environment which surrounds us, while also creating a healthy workplace. Becoming one with the surrounding environment, being receptive to our collaborators, utilizing energy – efficient practices, optimizing usage of waste, monitoring delivery for fuel saving are indispensible ways to grow as a company, trying to live an enhanced present and to guarantee a better future for all generations.
For whatever certification information regarding our doors, please contact our Technical Office and they will provide you with the answers and required documentation you need.
The strong bond with the territory has always allowed BBG to develop and support projects supporting the reality of Valchiavenna. We are proud sponsors of:
- Ski Club Campodolcino
- Gordona Sports Group
- Hockey club St. Moritz
- Municipality of Chiavenna sponsoring 4-lane round flowerbed - Volunteers 3 Valleys Onlus